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"Surprisingly heavy. Great quality wands , very authentic too. Gives me a throwback to watching the films for the first time, can't believe these didn’t exist sooner."

Wendy N.

Fires up to 200 shots!

Flies up to 15-25 feet!

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Magic Flash Paper
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Become the wizard or witch you’ve always wanted to be with the Magic Wand. It casts out a magical fireball at your command and will help improve your casting abilities. Just load the wand with the flash paper, and cast your spell.

Create magical experiences with you and your significant others. Load the wand and fire away as you watch your family and friends smile with joy!

Say the magic words INCENDIO 🔥 and summon this fire charm that will leave everyone in SHOCK!

💥 Fireballs are so real. It uses a special flash paper that disappears in seconds after the shot. Put paper inside, press the magic button leave your friends speechless!

Our flash paper fireballs evaporate in the air with no trace.No sparks, no embers and no ash! Furthermore our wands feature safety toggle switches which prevent the wand from shooting at the wrong time. Perfect for switching between cosplay prop and casting spells!

1) Tear the provided flash paper into a small ball.

2) Push the ball down the wand barrel with the load stick.

3) Press the trigger button to ignite the paper and shoot!

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"I will say it was a little confusing at first but again, if you settle your nerves and truly focus on what/how you are supposed to set it up, it'll be 1000000% worth it! Be patient and be rewarded with having the coolest wand in town!"

Frequently Asked Questions

How does it work?

Our Wand ignites the flash paper and shoots it out of the opening. To trigger it, press the button at the handle. It is powered by a chargeable battery.

What happens when I run out of the flash paper?

No worries, you can purchase some more!

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Magic Flash Paper

How long does does it take to charge?

40 minutes

When will I get my Magic Wand?

Our Wands are hand-made. Please allow 2-3 business days for assembling and processing.

We deliver to most countries worldwide. After placing an order you should receive your Wand in 7-12 days.

What's included?

1x Wand

1x USB charging cable

1x Spell Sheet

1x Flash Paper(suitable for 180 uses)

1x Gaff

1x Standby Battery